Try Face Massage When Visiting Spas in Sarasota Florida

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Massage SarasotaTo achieve a brighter healthy looking skin, you need to start treating yourself to a good facial massage at least once a day either at night or early in the morning. The massage increases blood circulation in your facial tissues that lift and firm the skin hence reducing wrinkles. Since it is a daily activity, visiting the Spas in Sarasota Florida can turn out to be expensive in the long run. Luckily, you can still get results when you do it on your own at home. Feel relaxed, enjoy some peace and reduce stress in the process of massaging your face. At home, follow these simple steps;

  1. First, you need to clean your face normally using oil and rinse using lukewarm water. Using a clean towel, part your face gently to dry it. Apply face oil using your fingers across the face smoothly. The oil you are using should be one that works well for your skin type if oily, dry or in between. On application, your face starts to glow and shine brightly.
  2. Start by massaging the lymph area as it is believed to be the region toxins drain to from the face. It is located under the ears on the sides of the neck. The slight massage done in circular motions releases the toxins from your face and prevents its build up. Spread to areas of the throat while applying medium pressure. Since it is not a deep tissue massage like that done in spas in Sarasota Florida, don’t rub hard.
  3. To the side of your face, use wide circular strokes along the jaws, slightly past mouth corners, over the cheekbones and under the nose. During the strokes, push the skin upwards always then out to prevent the skin from sagging. Stroke all these areas in one minute.
  4. On the forehead, use broad circular motions as you massage both sides of your forehead simultaneously. Start near the temples slowly moving towards the center of your forehead then back to the temples. This should also take a minute.
  5. At the eye area, put your fingers in the depression of your eyebrows. Gently, massage the outside corners of the eye as you proceed to tissues under the eye. Continue doing the same along the side of the nose and the eyebrows and start again from the entire process around the eye. Let it be done within one minute too. This fights puffy eyes as the area brightens. Apply extra oil if necessary to ease friction and prevent the fingers from dragging this delicate skin around your eye organ.


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