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Gel Manicure Sarasota

Gel Manicure SarasotaGel manicures look really great on everyone. I am yet to meet someone with bad looking gel polish. There are various facts you may need to understand before getting one to ensure you do not end up wasting your time and money at the manicure Sarasota salon only to leave the place and spoil the polish. This often happens when you reach for something in your handbag. Gel polish can be termed as being bullet proof and quick. They also have a shiny interface that makes them more appealing than regular polish. They also last longer. For instance they could last for two weeks without chipping off.

In as much as they have a number of pros, they are also disadvantageous to use in various instances.

For starters, any polish applied on your nails eventually weakens your nails. This is a disadvantage you are prone to every time you get a new or fresh coat of polish. The trick is to give your nails time to breathe in between the manicures and the polishing. This way they get rejuvenated before the next polish.

The peeling is also a disadvantage of the gel polish. After a while, the gel may begin to lift. It is often tempting to peel it off. When it starts to lift a lot of things can be lodged in that space including bacteria and fungus. Ripping it off may cause you to lose some layers of your nail skin. It is important not to keep the gel on for too long as your manicure Sarasota attendant will tell you. It may not be cost effective but ensures you stay healthy. The coating of polish on your nails acts as a deterrent for the nails prohibiting them from having access to oxygen. Nails may be considered dead cells but they need to transfer oxygen and keeping the polish on all the time could hamper this.

The soaking off process is also considered toxic. In most cases of a manicure Sarasota acetone will be used and the skin exposure to this directly could be harmful. The nails get dehydrated which eventually damages them. In order to ensure that our nails are safe and stay healthy and strong, the nail treatments should be done on a controlled basis. The nails should be left to breathe for some time without any polish on or any treatments on. This allows them to get rejuvenated.


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