5 Things Nails Salons in Sarasota Florida Should Never Do

Nails Salons in Sarasota FloridaToday there are many laws that protect employees and customers in the beauty-salon industry. However, rarely are some of these laws implemented, especially when it comes to the retrenchment process for employees. Continue reading to learn five of the most insensitive things nail salons in Sarasota Florida should never do to their employees or to customers.


Withholding Payments as Punishment

Withholding the payment of employees as a way of punishing them for a mistake they did is something you should never do as a salon owner. It is both illegal in Florida and in almost all states countrywide. It could lead to a legal pursuit and possible conviction for violating the rights of another human being. Besides, the nail salon industry is tough in many states, and stylists don’t get big profit margins all the times.


Taking a Cut Out of Tips

You own the salon yeah, but not the stylist and their money. It is illegal and could land you to jail remember that. The good thing however is that there have been few cases where a nail stylist accused their employer of asking for some cut out of the tips they received from customers. In any case, the small tips nail stylists get are what make them thrive and pay their bills with ease even when they still don’t earn that much. So why would you want to take it from them?



Many nail salons in Sarasota Florida at least do pay their employees the minimal wage. So, no matter where you are located in Sarasota, you have no right to pay your nail stylists less than the minimum wage. And note that the FLSA laws do require you to pay employees for extra time worked, even where they receive tips from customers. Also, where you pay you stylists through commissions, their earnings must always meet the standard minimum wage under all circumstances failure to which you could be liable for civil suits and penalties for labor violations.


Charging Employees Product Fees

Many nail salon owners might disagree with this point, but it is actually a violation of labor rights to charge your employees a product fee. If you have to do so, predetermine such expenses before telling your stylist to sign a contract with you. In any case, you hire the nail stylists for their times and skills. It is however okay to talk to your employees often and agree on the amount of products they can use per week for instance.

Successful Salons in Sarasota

Salons in Sarasota FloridaThere are thousands of salons in the country, but very few of them are as popular as salons from New York or Sarasota Florida. The main reason behind these salons’ popularity is not only in the great designs the buildings have, but also in the quality of services they offer. For people aiming to open up a salon in Sarasota FL therefore, here are things that you must do beat competition.

Invest in the exterior and Interiors of your Salon

People are visual by nature, and they won’t come to your salon if it looks ordinary and boringly normal. Most clients would rather pay expensive for a salon that looks amazing to look at rather than pay lowly for something they wouldn’t be proud showing to friends. So, look for enough capital and hire the best designers to work on both the exterior and interiors of your salon. Once you are satisfied with the quality and looks of everything inside it, start looking for clients.

Market yourself Smart

Marketing your services is a great way to attract customers to your salon, but marketing without evaluating your goals and devices great marketing strategies may not yield a lot of results. The competition is rife among nail salons in Sarasota, and so if you can’t build relationships with local businesses, you might find yourself in a tight corner a few months down the line. For starters, start looking where the best deals when it comes to buying beauty products can be found. Work on your website and customize it to resemble you real business. Join twitter and chitchat you way into connecting with as many people as possible. Show them your business and try and woe them to come for your services.

Offer better Deals

Why do you think almost everyone can afford a luxury salon in Sarasota today? It is the deals they offer. Gone are the days when luxury salons used to be for the rich. Competition is forcing everyone to be creative and come up with strategies to maintain or increase their clientele.  Note however that you don’t have to offer free services to attract more customers. Use promotions and coupons more often as they make customers become more loyal.

Make your first Expressions great

Since salons receive new customers almost on a daily basis, work on more than just the first impression. Make all your customers feel comfortable and appreciated. Give them your best, and soon they will be recommending all their friends to your salon.

Preventing Biological Hazards in Nail Salons in Sarasota Florida

Spa Bradenton FLIf you want to own the best Nail salons in Sarasota Florida, all biological hazards should be considered to ensure the safety of your employees and the clients. These risks include fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Since employees are essential for the growth of your nail salon, ensuring their safety is the little you can offer back. Usually, employees are likely to be exposed to bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis B and C, and HIV if they come in contact with clients or co-workers infected with the same. Fungal infections too arise if your workers touch infected client’s skin or use equipment that is not sterilized. As the owner, it’s important for employers to evaluate such risks and develop a framework that will guarantee safety and good working conditions for their employees. This ranges from providing safety training, providing protective equipment and vaccinating them. Consider the following steps in ensuring a healthy working environment.


Always clean and disinfect all equipment after every use. They may seem clean, yes, but contain bacteria. When cleaning such tools, always wear gloves at all times whether while dry cleaning or using relevant solutions. When using disinfectants, consider soaking the tools for about 10 to 30 minutes and after that rinse in clean water. Dry with a clean piece of cloth and store in a clean area that is covered. If the tools are reusable, stored them in UV sanitizing boxes after cleaning. It is important to note that these boxes do not disinfect your tools at any stage.

It is necessary to wash your hands using soap and water before and after providing service to the client. This prevents the spread of germs. After washing, always wear gloves at the start and dispose of them immediately before embarking on another customer.

To be the top of nail salons in Sarasota Florida, take the initiative of immunizing your staff against hepatitis B if there is a likelihood they will be exposed to infectious materials and blood as they carry out their daily chores at the salon. The immunization charges should be met by the employer and not the employees. It is a show that you care for their wellbeing, and you are concerned about their overall health.


Finally, the essential equipment used in all nail salons in Sarasota Florida is the foot basins and spas. They are regularly used hence need to be disinfected after every client use and at the end of every day to prevent exposure of germs to other customers and the workers. These simple things you incorporate will see your business attract more customers and your staff being satisfied that increases their output efforts.

What to Expect from a Nail Salon Sarasota

Nail Salon SarasotaWe all love getting ourselves groomed. It often feels good as you leave the spa or the salon. For some of us it’s actually a confidence booster. The extreme cases cause one to be a grooming junkie. When you plan to get a nail salon Sarasota experience you may need to be aware of what will be happening. This way you can tell whether something is being done wrong or whether everything is okay. Nails are a good part of one’s grooming. You may think that you can skip the nails because people don’t even notice how much work you put into it but you should know that people will notice bad looking nails.

You should expect the following;

Nail grooming – This is what you will be going in for and you should expect for your hands, finger and toe nails. Your saloonist will look at your nails and determine how much conditioning is needed. This is often determined by the texture of the nails. Soft nails are often easy but hard nails may need more work. In most instances they are dipped in warm water for a while to soften them. Most women have soft nails but for men they are normally harder and thus may need to use more warm water.

Filing and shaping – This is a standard procedure as no one would like to leave the nail salon Sarasota with nails that have no shape. Nail filling should be done carefully to ensure that the nails and the skin around them are not damaged. It should also be done moving towards one direction to keep the nails safe and strong. The cutting and shaping should be done to keep the nail ends straight and for the edges to be curved a little.

Nail polishing – This can be done for a lot of reasons. It could be to cover up bad looking nails or hide a nail that is damaged. Nails that are discolored may need some polishing to get them to look presentable. A nail salon Sarasota experience should get you leaving the place with polish that complements your skin color. This ensures that it complements you. For someone with a formal job it is always good to go for a color that blends in well such that it does not look too informal. It should also match most of your outfits.

Secrets of Good Waxing Sarasota

Waxing SarasotaMost people around the world have two options when it comes to waxing, Bikini versus Brazilian. Women more often loves Brazilian waxing, becomes it eliminates hair almost completely; which also implies that you never have to worry about any small protruding hairs as you lie by the pool side. However, there is more to waxing than removing the hair. Good waxing as you will see below has to be healthy.


Besides Bikini and Brazilian waxing, there are other popular waxing methods you should probably know. Strip waxing for instance is popular around the US. It is tedious to do as waxing Sarasota will tell you; it is also rigorous and painful but leaves your skin completely clean. Hard waxing as people have often said is not very efficient because it cracks a lot. Finally, there is elastic waxing. It is less painful than most of the methods mentioned above, plus it also very efficient.


For efficient waxing, always trim your hair to about one inch long before visiting the waxer. That size is good for easy pulling of hair directly from their roots. Good waxing will also ask for a hydrated skin. The waxing process is often painful to people with dry skins. But besides taking lots of water, exfoliation is another key part of the whole process. But also take care not to exfoliate a day to or after the waxing process. This could lead to infections, which is definitely a no wish for everybody. It is also ethical to tell your waxer if you have any health conditions early.


The summer is closing in, but you don’t have to wait until then to get waxed. Visiting you nearest waxing Sarasota expert several days earlier is a nice thing to do. It also helps you look for remedies should you experience any anomalies after waxing. Redness and irritation is normal to many people, but cases of burnt skin should be treated seriously. In most cases however your burnt skin can heal on its own within days, unless something really serious happened to you. One other fine waxing secret is the fact that you should wax only after you hair has grown evenly. It helps the waxer do the job evenly. So, going for a waxing day as your hair is just transitioning from trimming to growing is something you shouldn’t do often. Finally, always remember to exfoliate regularly as we had earlier said.

Get the Best Results When Visiting the Spa in Sarasota

Spa in SarasotaThe demand of spa in Sarasota has been on the increase in recent times. This can be reflected in the number of institutions providing this service with each serving a good number of clients. A majority of customers mainly attribute visiting this joints to freshen up their mind and relax off their busy schedules. However, there are various spa treatments that a good number of people are completely unaware of. In a nutshell, a spa can help in treating insomnia, headaches, allergies or even the back pains. You may be wondering now which option best fit your need in your next visit to the spa. Take a look below for advice when you are choosing the best-recommended spa treatment on your next visit.


First, determine the result you want to achieve after your sessions. This helps the therapist at the institution determine the way to reach your desired goal. Different methods yield different results and that’s why it’s important to set the target clear to enable valid prescription. Those seeking to relax, gain energy, get facials or get rid of stress all involve different service. It for this reason that stating to the therapist on arrival ensures all efforts are channeled towards your desired outcome.


Secondly, as mentioned earlier, efficient communication play a vital role in the result. Let your therapist be aware of any discomforts or allergic reactions you experience during the sessions. State the areas you want the therapist to focus most on during the process and the amount of pressure used at the massage that will make you feel comfortable rather than seem a torture in itself. This enhances assembling of necessary tools at once for your session since the specialist captures all your intentions.


Lastly, have in mind what you are expecting. Major spa treatments are; massage, facials, hot stone therapy, glows, body wraps, colonics, acupressure, aromatherapy, reiki, paraffin, shiatsu, among many others. All these services are available at the spa in Sarasota, and as a customer, choose depending on your expected income and the amount you want to pay. Each service attracts a different cost and ensures you aware of charges when you come visiting. If you not aware of the terminologies used or it is your first time, engage the therapist and explain to him or her your intentions to ensure you get the correct session and prescription but not a gamble. You may end up not getting the expected result and end up blaming the spa joint only to realize the mistake emanated from you end.

Sarasota Nails – Tips to Maintain the Beauty

Sarasota NailsAfter getting a new Sarasota nail design or polish, it is advisable to know how to maintain it so you would save yourself from the hassle of having it re-done because it may have a harmful effect on your nails. It’s also not economically wise to go to a nail salon more than once or twice a week since and pay for charges when you could have saved yourself from is just by taking care of it. Here are some tips to maintain the beauty of Sarasota nails.


Start taking nail friendly supplements

Biotin which is a member of the vitamin B family which helps to strengthen the nails, by increasing thickness and preventing breaking or damaging of nails. Studies also have proven that using products of taking supplements that have calcium, fluoride, and yeast are beneficial for the nails.


Control the use of chemicals

Laundry soaps, dishwashing liquids, or any chemicals used for cleaning may not just destroy your nail design, but harm your nails as a whole. Shampoos can also have an effect on your nails as much as it affects your hair.


Instead of full extension, choose nail tips

As per Sarasota nails trend, full extension of nails may cause fungal infections, so instead of opting for one, choose nail tips instead. The bad effect is a lot lesser compared to full extensions.


Avoid using polish removers that are acetone-based

Acetone is a strong chemical that makes your nails brittle. You may choose oil based polish removers instead.


Limit the use of nail hardeners

Like acetone, nail hardeners may also cause your nail to become brittle. So if not, needed, don’t use it at all.


Do not remove cuticles aggressively

Although removing cuticle is a part of the manicure process, do not overdo it. Cuticle is the protective coating of your nails against bacteria and fungus. Removing too much of it exposes you to great risk of being infected as it makes your nails thinner.


Moisturize your nail

Like how you keep your hand moisturized, moisturize your nails as well, Apply moisturizer on your cuticle and on nail bed. It will prevent breaking, cracking, and splitting or nails.


Don’t use rough emery boards

Orange emery boards as harmful for your nails. It can cause cracks that lead to tears or wounds. Instead, you may use a nail file and use it properly. Don’t file back and forth. File only in one direction, and don’t do it aggressively.

Sarasota Nails Salon Tips on Natural Care Of Your Nails

Sarasota Nails SalonWomen give more focus and attention to their nails more than men. The reason is obvious because of the elegance and sharpness in enhances to their daily looks and beauty. It is important to take care of the nails at all times if you want to stand out. Probably you are thinking of the costs involved to get the classy look. This should not be the case because Sarasota nails salon has come up with natural tips to be used in the comfort of your home. It goes beyond the care as it enhances the fancy natural look too with little or no expense at all.


The basic natural ways are discussed below;

First, it is necessary to keep your nails clean at all times. This can be a challenge especially bearing in mind various activities women engage in is likely to dirty their hands. It is therefore recommended to clean the hands immediately after such tasks to render them clean and hygienic. Nails grow fast and healthy when clean and free from infections. It is recommended to file your nails at least twice a week. This is never the case for most of us who desire healthy nails. We only do it when visiting the salon for an entire day makeup normally done at least once a month. Take a shift from this way of doing things as you start your journey towards the healthy looking nails. The filing should be done in one direction only and buffer the nails after filing.


Another important tip provided by Sarasota nails is that there is the need to soak your nails at times though it is optional. The soaking should be done for only 10 minutes in a mixture of salt and olive oil preferably. After that soak again in warm water mixed with salt only. All these processes aim at strengthening your nails as it makes them healthier. You are guaranteed of long nails if you carry out this short procedure.


After observing the above tips, it is important to keep your nails painted. Hardening nail varnish is recommended but any clear coat, top or base coat can still work better. The clear polish makes your clean nails look shiny throughout and protected at all times. In case you have long nails extending away from the skin, also, paint the underneath to boost it’s strength. It is that simple to attain the classy look following these tips.

Success Strategies for Salons in Sarasota Florida

Salons in Sarasota FloridaSalons in Sarasota Florida are never a failure. They are continuously growing and salon business is becoming a more popular choice for entrepreneurs. If you’re in the salon business, and you’re wondering you be at par or even exceeding your competitors, here are some success strategies for salons in Sarasota Florida.


Right place at the right time

Before the salon is put up, owners must make sure they select a strategic place depending on their target market. They must consider the trend of business the time of planning. Meaning, they have to be updated with what’s hot and what’s not. Like for example, if their target markets are working girls, then they have to look for a place near offices or the business area of the city. They also have to know the trending style for the corporate world.


Being updated

When people come into your salon, they most likely want to have a look where people won’t tag them as “left behind”. So you have to have awareness of the evolution of hair styles, makeup styles, nail colors or designs, and anything about fashion. You must be well-versed when it comes to it so that you can talk to your clients about it and be able to make suggestions when asked. You must make sure your staffs are well-oriented and everybody is calibrated so clients won’t get confused if the idea of one staff contradicts with the other’s idea.


Complete facilities and supplies

People would prefer a one-stop shop rather than hopping from one salon to another. Try to be able to offer all salon services a client might potentially need like hair services, nail services, makeup, facials, and spa. And make sure your salon is well-stocked with the products needed for the services you offer. If you can’t invest on everything yet, make sure your salon keeps on expanding. Right after putting it up, make sure the salon grows.


Hire employees which can be an asset instead of a liability

Make sure that the people who work for you are competitive enough to help you make the business grow. Here are some characteristics an asset employee must have:

  • Dependable – make sure they always come in to work, and they are always on time
  • Responsible – make sure they know how to be accountable for their actions
  • Knowledgeable – they must be certified, if not licensed
  • Have good people skills – more than anything else, they must be respectful given that they will be servicing people of different types. They are your front liners and your clients will decide if they’d come back to your salon, depending on the service and treatment they got from your employees.


With these success strategies applied on your salon business, your success is almost guaranteed. Keep in mind though, that these strategies must be compounded with your dedication, as these strategies are nothing if your heart is not on what you’re doing.

Keeping Our Clients – As a Top Salon in Sarasota FL

Salon in Sarasota FLIf you have provided all the best service possible, and you notice that you still don’t get a loyal customer, then it means you need to change your strategy. You may not be doing anything wrong, they just simply find a better place who can give them the same level of service as you did… and more.


More than great services, customers who felt comfortable are the ones most likely to return. Here are some pointers to consider making your customers go back to your salon again:

  • Reward program for new clients – Since every new customer is a potential loyal customer. Start to make a good impression the moment gets his or her first service from your salon. Make sure this customer comes back to the salon by giving him or her, a reason to.
  • Loyalty program for existing clients – Appreciate those who are coming back, and give them motivation to keep on coming back. Like a point system method. They’d win a point or two for their every visit and the accumulated points has its corresponding reward like products or services.
  • Reach out – check your client records and make phone calls to those who didn’t come back. Inspire them by carrying out a special offer for returning customers.
  • Welcome feedback – Make sure encourage customers to give feedback about the salon and the service. Listen and take actions when needed. For any good feedback, assure the customer that you will keep up the good work, while for negative feedback, be ready to take relevant steps to improve the service.
  • Events – run some events every now and then. Like for example, “student day”, or “VIP day”. See to it that participants would experience total customer satisfaction because the word of mouth can increase the number of your existing clients.
  • Thoughtfulness counts – you can provide an experience that customers would want to go back for by making sure they’d feel nothing but care when they are in your salon. Aside from the services requested, add some thoughtfulness, by giving out freebies. From a simple coffee, juice, or water to small tokens depending on the event, like flowers during Valentine’s Day.
  • Be flexible – Do not stick with your standards, make sure you can adjust to what the client prefers – as much as possible.


Don’t forget to always be at your best. Make sure your staff knows the goal so that all of you can work together to make sure you’ll win loyal customers who will bring more profit, and more customers to your salon. Salons in Sarasota FL have always been one of the bests, so keep it up.

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